Early Press Highlights

June 17, 2016

On the eve of A Place to Stand’ digital release, we’re happy to share some of our press highlights from the past year.

In the coming months, we’ll be getting more reviews and interviews and articles, but these are some of the juiciest bits of press coverage we’ve received so far. Enjoy!

“A Place to Stand is an inspirational tale of “the triumph of the human spirit,” as one critic put it, but it also an invaluable profile of a great American artist.” – Remezcla: / http://remezcla.com/film/trailer-a-place-to-stand-jimmy-santiago-baca/

“”The message, if I had a message, it would be that the vast majority of people I met in prison just want to be respected and loved and have families,” he says. Poetry hasn’t made him rich, but it’s bought him that much. He has the home he always wanted now, and he’s found other freedoms: the open road, the blank page.” – New Mexico Magazine: http://www.nmmagazine.com/article/?aid=91233#.V1C875MrK7Y

“A compelling look at the power of language and a searing account of life as a convict.” – Pasatiempo Review:

““I had offers from other people and studios to make this into a film,” he says. “I didn’t want to go the Hollywood route.”” – Albuquerque Journal: