Daniel Glick – Director, Producer

Daniel visited a friend in Auburn Correctional Facility in New York State in 2010. Shocked by the inhumanity and brutality he could see and feel as only a prison visitor, he needed to know more. His friend, an inmate at Auburn, encouraged him to read Jimmy Santiago Baca’s memoir, A Place to Stand. Immediately afterward, Daniel sought Jimmy to ask for his approval and counsel for the film. He then quit his job, drove to Albuquerque, New Mexico to partner with Jimmy’s son, Gabriel, and began raising funds, researching and shooting A Place to Stand.

Prior to diving wholeheartedly into the documentary, Daniel worked in television, film and video, completing documentaries, narrative shorts and a feature film. In 2013, he co-founded Kings Road Media, which provides targeted video for a wide range of clientele, including non-profit, universities, corporations and small business.