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The film's curriculum and workbook


Educating Youth with Our Film

  To facilitate a deeper learning, and to help students fully receive and personalize the themes and message of 

Jimmy Santiago Baca’s story, we’ve developed a curriculum and a student workbook. 

To purchase copies of the curriculum and workbook, please email us through the contact form below. 

Finding A Place to Stand - Film Curriculum


  Finding A Place to Stand is designed to support educators in community centers, school-based programs and spaces of incarceration to facilitate critical dialogues and creative engagement with concepts presented in the film.

Each of the five intensive modules address a topical entry point, based around a relevant film clip. Scaffolded to meet varying needs, these lessons are accessible as one-off engagements or as sequential programming. Sequentially, the curriculum allows students to grapple with complex questions posed by the film, landing in a final engagement of their own inspirational fuel, passion and purpose.

$25 for a digital download

$50 + S&H for a physical copy

Getting Free: The Power of Creativity


  Getting Free is a companion workbook for students and is meant to be used in conjunction with Finding A Place to Stand. It is a part-journal, part-workbook aimed to spark an exploration of creativity and self-expression. It can be used with the curriculum or as a stand-alone piece. 

It is fun and freeing, full of 19 original exercises that can awaken the creative spirit, 50 blank pages for journaling, and an appendix with exercises from Finding A Place to Stand. 

$10 per copy (minimum order of 30)

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